Stop Spoiling Your Skin With Chemicals and Fake Products! Become an Organics Skincare Formulator with the Right Knowledge


Stop Spoiling Your Skin With Chemicals and Fake Products Become an Organics Skincare Formulator with the Right KnowledgeStop Spoiling Your Skin With Chemicals and Fake Products! Become an Organics Skincare Formulator with the Right Knowledge.Stop Wasting Money Buying Expensive Creams, Lotions and Soaps…??? Learn over 130 Skincare Topics  Plus How to Maintain Your Skin Color and Make Your Own Skin Glow Oils Yourself in Our 2 Weeks Intensive Online Skincare Training For NGN3,000 Only (Promo Price Expires Soon)! Hurry Join Now Before Class Starts.Click Here for Registration and Further Enquires:*COURSE OUTLINE?**INTRODUCTION*1. Introduction to skincare2. Measurement and conversion units for skincare formulation3. Equipments and materials needed in formulation of skincare products4. Know your skincare ingredients such as organic ingredients, promixing ingredients, essential oils, carrier oils5. Organic whitening powders and how to use Skincare preservatives6. How to make a base cream7. Vitamin C serum8. Activated charcoal peel-off mask9. Green tea face toner, Acne scars and dark spots oil.10. Face glow serum11. Creamy face cleanser12. Vitamin E cream13. Moringa body butter  *SPA TREATMENT AND HOW TO MAKE:*14. Coconut oil face mask15. Green tea face moisturiser17. Oatmeal almond facial mask18. Cleansing honey face mask19. Tea tree face wash20. Oatmeal lavender facial scrub21. How to carry out spa massageClick Here for Registration and Further Enquires:  *HOW TO MAKE BODY BUTTERS AND LOTIONS LIKE:*22. Skin whitening serum23. Nourishing skin cleansing oil24. Whipped shea butter25. Lemon grass shower scrub bar26. Lotion bars (2 types)27. Rejuvenating facial serums28. Milk toning cream30. Body shower gel31. Face cleanser (2 types)Oatmeal and almond facial mask32. Skin tag remedy33. Night lightening lotion34. Skin whitening butter35. Rose water toner, Dark eye circle oil36. Natural sunscreen37. Eyebrow growth oil38. Lemon oil, Milk acid exfoliating soap39. Carrot oil40. Coconut oil41. Tumeric oil42. Egyptian lightening body wash43. Egyptian lightening body milk44. Egyptian lightening magic oil45. Cleopatra whitening body polish46. Cleopatra whitening body lotion47. Cleopatra whitening soap48. Cleopatra whitening face cream49. Hot chocolate body cream50. Chocolate glow body butter51. Glow body butter for kids52. Ebony body butter53. Bleached skin cream54. Bleached skin oil55. Stretch mark soap56. Stretch mark body scrub57. Stretch mark cream58. Stretch mark oil59. Pimples facial soap60. Pimples cleanser61. Pimples face cream62. Super-half cast body wash63. Super-half cast body polish64. Super-half cast body oil66. Super-half cast lotion67. Super-half cast cleanser68. Super-half cast face69. Facial spot remover70. Body spot removal soap71. Body spot cream72. Collagen body scrub73. Dark knuckles soap74. Dark knuckles cream75. Dark knuckles cleanser76. Sunburn oil77. Sunburn cleanser78. Clear hands and feet cream79. Eczema cream80. Green vein oil81. Body repair oil82. Peeling oil83. Talking oil84. Skin glow oil85. Dark underarm scrub86. Dark thigh cream87. Moroccan whitening soap88. Moroccan whitening oil89. Moroccan whitening body lotion90. Swiss whitening body polish91. Swiss whitening body wash92. Half-cast cream93. Half-cast oil95. Swiss whitening body milk96. Swiss whitening body oil97. Swiss whitening cleanser98. Swiss whitening face cream99. Arabian glow whitening body wash100. Arabian glow body lotion  *Wait! There's More**Includes Over 30 BONUS Topics, Which Includes how To make:**Papaya whitening body wash, Papaya whitening body lotion, Snow white cream, Glutax whitening body lotion, and Much more making Over 130 Courses. With FREE EBooks and CERTIFICATE for Only #5,000*Click Here for Registration and Further Enquires: Skincare07042878561(Call/WhatsApp)      The post Stop Spoiling Your Skin With Chemicals and Fake Products! Become an Organics Skincare Formulator with the Right Knowledge appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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