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Simi – Mama Yo Instrumental

Simi – Mama Yo Instrumental

Here is the the instrumental remake of Simi Mama Yo Beat mp3 download for free. DOwnload this new and latest Simi Type beat 2019.

I was born in 1955. My father was born in 1950. My mother was born in 1914. Both are eternally young, which would have been a boon to the social and economic trajectory of those years (if my birthdays were as numerous as theirs). Ad Policy

The issue of which of my parents took a little more care to make sure I saw good music has a great deal to do with what became of Nigeria.

 And with that, I want to thank Amina Oyagbola, author of a new book, “No Time Like Now,” for pointing out the effect on a young boy of the non-stop music of his parents and their friends.

Without going to the Serengeti with my parents or having any access to Cubana posters, I was aware that they played a lot of rock, especially blues. It is tempting to think these were just our formative years, but thanks to Ayodele Oyagbola, a sultry Nigerian singer who liked to spit on stage and whose biggest hit, “Howay-Nya-paah,” has never been out of print, I now realize that the influence of jazz and the blues were already influential on the Igbo people (which is Nigerian as well as Igbo) in 1960s and early ’70s Lagos, a city where the predominant language of the street beat music (Pasion, Songhai, and Farsi – Ndeinx) was Igbo.




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