Offset Says He Invested In Gaming “For The Kids, For The Culture”


He also believes he’ll be the face of gaming.

Offset is diversifying his portfolio and making sure that he invests his money. The Migos rapper recently announced that he has become an official investor in the esports group FaZe Clan, something that, judging from his run-in with a TMZ cameraman, he’s particularly excited about. The photographer caught up with the “Clout” rapper as he was making his way from his vehicle to a building, and initially, it looked as if Offset was going to pass by as quickly as possible.

However, the cameraman knew exactly how to get the rapper to slow down because once he mentioned FaZe, Offset seemed willing to chat. First, he wanted to show off his unreleased kicks, and then, he shared his thoughts on the future of gaming. He said that gaming would become “the biggest sh*t in the world” and that it would “be worth at $30 billion in 2022.” 

“But the thing is, I did this for the kids, for the culture,” Offset added about his investment. “The kids love…it’s a way to get your mind away from things.” The rapper also said, “I think it helps stress. It’s a good thing for mental health, I think.” He then said he would test out his theory and told viewers not to steal his idea.

In a previous statement, Offset shared, “I love gaming and esports is the future. These two facts make it only right that I be a part of the biggest esports organization with some of the best players in the world.”


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