‘My wife likes to cook and I like to eat, not a good combo’ – Juventus star Aaron Ramsey worries about getting fat during lockdown



Juventus/Wales star Aaron Ramsey fears he may get fat during the Coronavirus lockdown.

The 29-year-old midfielder is in Italy, where lockdown will be extended until early May and with Serie A games suspended until at least late May, Ramsey worries that his love of food combined with his wife’s love of always cooking could cause him to gain excess weight.


‘I’ve been doing the programmes the club have sent over, keeping fit most days.’ he said.

‘But it’s not the same as training or playing games where you don’t have any worries about putting on weight.

‘It’s difficult because my wife likes to cook and I like to eat so it’s not a good combination. When I am back at it I am pretty strict but it’s difficult at the moment.

‘I’ve got all the kids biscuits and I’m just raiding that every time I go for a cup of tea!

‘Hopefully we get out of this as soon as possible and get back to normal because it’s difficult.’


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