Leaked Chats: Kemi Olunloyo Reveals Davido’s Girlfriend Chioma Is Cheating on Him

Chioma Cheating on Davido Latest News
Chioma Cheating on Davido Latest News

Leaked chats made available by self aclaimed Journalist – kemi Olunloyo of HNNAfrica, reveals that Chioma is cheating on Davido. The chat was between Davido’s Hype Man Special Spesh and an Anonymous Friend. The chats shows the friend telling special spesh about how Chioma cheats on Davido everytime she comes to london. The friend even goes as far as telling special spesh to confirm from peruzzi that the story was indeed true. You can see the screenshots below.

Even though special spech has come forward to debunk the rumour via an instagram video.



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