How To Save Tik Tok Audio Sounds and Songs


This is one of the easiest and best way of saving tik tok songs and audio sounds. This is a step by step process that would take you through the simplest method of Downloading tiktok music in mp3.

A lot of us a very good fans of the tik tok app and we have always wished to be able to download our favourite songs from the app and here is an opportunity foir us as there is a new app that allows us to be able to download all songs from the tik tok app.

This is not kapwing, but a powerful android app on playstore.

Download Audio Downloader for Tik Tok App on Playstore

Step 1: Open The Song page On Tik Tok

While Watching the Video, Click on the song name at the bottom of the video to take you to the song page.

Step 2: Copy Song Link

On the song page, Click on the “Share” icon and then the “Copy Link” button. With this link, you can download the tik tok song.




Step 3: Paste Link in Tik Tok Downloader App

Now that we have the link of the song we want to download, Open the “Tik Tok Downloader App” – Download On Playstore.  

After Downloadig the app, open it and paste the copied audio link in the link box. Then click on the download Button.



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