‘He told me I was a white witch’ – Former Arsenal coach Unai Emery’s ex girlfriend reveals he blamed her for his Arsenal sack

‘He told me I was a white witch’ – Former Arsenal coach Unai Emery’s ex girlfriend reveals he blamed her for his Arsenal sack

Sacha Wright, the former girlfriend of former Arsenal coach, Unai Emery has revealed he blamed her for his failures while at Arsenal.

Emery was sacked by Arsenal in November 2019 just 18 months after his appointment at the Emirates Stadium as Arsene Wenger’s successor.

Emery took the team backwards after Wenger’s departure and broke up with Wright months before his sack, and according to Wright he blamed her for his failures after they made up and came back together in December.

The couple are no longer together as they finally broke up in March but Wright has now come out to reveal Emery’s mindset during their relationship.

Wright told The Sun on rekindling her romance with Emery: “It was then that he blamed me for getting him the sack. He told me I was a white witch as I had brought him so much bad luck. He said, ‘It was the day we broke up that we started to lose’.

“He told me he was so stressed out that his mind wasn’t in the right place after we separated.”

Wright added: “We met in the summer of 2018 and we started chatting but I do not follow football so I had no idea who he was. He told me he worked in the sports industry and his English was bad as he’d just moved to London.
Wright also talked about when she first started dating the former Arsenal coach, revealing that he was so bad in English he used google translate on his phone before making statements during their first meeting.

“He asked me out but said he didn’t want to meet anywhere too busy. He asked me to go to his house in Barnet but I told him no, absolutely not. We agreed to meet at an Italian restaurant in Hampstead. When we arrived, I realised he must be someone important as even though the restaurant was about to close, they kept it open.

“He had a heavy accent. He would regularly stop the conversation so he could check words on Google Translate on his phone, but I found him attractive from the moment we met.

“He dressed well and seemed like a really nice guy. He joked that I could be his English teacher.”

“His house was big and beautiful. It was tastefully designed with the most amazing chandelier in the hallway and a huge spiral staircase. “Unai was very thoughtful at first. He didn’t buy me any gifts or take me shopping but I didn’t expect that as I have my own money. But we had some really nice holidays and weekends away.

“We would meet up after most games and sometimes during the week too. If the team had not been playing well he would tell me, ‘I’m having a tough time. It’s very stressful at the moment’.

“He was always watching football and checking the results.

“He would even lie in bed with one game on his computer and another one on his tablet. This would be in the morning and also right before we went to sleep.
She also revealed he never introduced her to anyone as his girlfriend and was always upset if someone took photos of them together.

“It was bit annoying but it was his routine and I accepted it.”

“I never met his family, his friends or any of the Arsenal staff.

“If we bumped into someone in a restaurant, he would never introduce me as his girlfriend and if someone tried to take our picture he would get upset.

“He was often edgy when we were arriving at a restaurant but once we got inside he would relax and start kissing and hugging me.

“But last summer my friend showed me a newspaper article which said he and his wife had to move seats on an aeroplane because they were being heckled.

“I confronted him and he was like, ‘Oh my God, you don’t trust me’. He said he was travelling with his brother and it was his brother’s wife.

“By September last year, I wasn’t sure where we were going. I told him, ‘If you are not going to introduce me to people and settle down, what is the point of this?’.

“He told me again and again that he needed more time and said, ‘Let’s just take things slowly’. I told him I’d had enough and ended it.”


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