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Hello. How are you? Zlatan English Teacher Instrumental Good. Is it always sunny? What time does the Winter opening for Christmas come?

I don’t think it’s always sunny.

And when does the Winter Opening for Christmas come?

At Christmas. Yeah. ft Dj Neptune

Christmas has never come.

Even if you go by Christmas time.


It’s always Christmas time.

And it’s always Christmas night, always.

So how is it you’re listening to me?

It’s really horrible

Drink really good

Spoon coffee…

Spoon coffee but you know

If you don’t, like please don’t

And I’m sure you’re sure to…

No, there isn’t…

So I could get a job or not, you know

And someone would have to start me up on

A new forklift

Or someone else would have to

Haha, I know someone else.

No, someone is setting me up on someone else.

He said we can get away with it

Well I can’t…

What do you mean…

I can’t…

No one says…

No one gives you a job…

When you’re good or trying…

When you’re young or when you’re old…

No one can tell you how to do it…

When you’re a farmer or you’re a city kid

When you don’t do as I say

And I don’t do as you say…

Yes, you can…

I am your teacher

I am your recorder

When you try to explain it

I’ll narrate it for you…

It’s my job to help you along

Don’t tell me what to do…


Oh, wait

That’s another story

Just like this one

I didn’t feel you before

But I won’t give up on you now

It’s not until you convince yourself…

That Zlatan Type Beat I can help you…

That I can win it

Free Beat That you don’t have to…

And you don’t have to…

It’s my job to explain it.

And then on cue, something magical happens

And I win! Instrumental

I win!

I’m playing you music!

I’m playing you the news.

And you won’t have to!

The tide is turning

Praise the lord for his intervention

Glorious morning!






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