Dano Milky Cheers: A celebration of milk and better days


Dano Milky Cheers A celebration of milk and better daysOn June 1st, Dano joined the 20th celebration of World Milk Day.Dano has continued to raise awareness on the importance of milk to a healthy nutrition with the annual celebration of the World Milk Day, even in the current state of the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic that has swept the globe.The Pandemic has caused a restriction in movement and event gatherings, which have become popularly associated with the Dano Milk Brand annually on June 1st, as evident in their “9ja Milk Fest” celebration in 2019, and their “Nourish Naija” event in 2018.Despite the uniqueness of the circumstances, the brand decided to mark the 20th anniversary of World Milk Day by celebrating milk and also encouraging consumers to anticipate better days beyond the current happenings in the world today.This year’s celebration kicked off with a callout to consumers to join in celebrating milk by helping to fill a virtual World Milk Day Glass. This was done by having them share a picture of them raising a glass of milk with the #DanoMilkyCheers hashtag.The virtual glass contains pictures of every person who participated in the challenge, filling each day with every share.The cause was highly supported by the Dano Brand Ambassadors Rachael Okonkwo and Jaiye Kuti, as well as personalities such as Funnybone and EmmaOhMyGod.Each day of the callout focused on a new reason to anticipate better days, with a special dedication on Children’s Day to when children will be able to play and go to school like they used to.On June 1st, Dano Milk released a touching video that featured Jaiye Kuti and Funnybone encouraging others to look on to better days while raising a glass with Dano to celebrate World Milk Day.It was indeed a heart-warming experience, and quite an exceptional way to mark an anniversary! The post Dano Milky Cheers: A celebration of milk and better days appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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