Actress Clarion Chukwurah goes topless for her birthday photoshoot


Veteran actress, Clarion Chukwurah, turns a year older. She went topless in her birthday photos which she shared on her Instagram page this morning. Posting the photos, she wrote''I AM NIGERIA…with My Myriad of Culture And Ethnic Groups.. Sometimes, I look Confused To The Rest of The World In My Diversity, Outdated and Uncivilized with Customs Steeped in Tradition… Still, They Were Attracted To My Many Blessings.SMH, I Used To Be Called The Giant Of Africa, The Land of Black Gold, Fighting and Winning Battles For My African Kin, Commanding Respect!Now, on Wobbly Legs, I Say, I AM UNBREAKABLE! Cameroon has taken from Me, Ghana has lived in Me, Togo has worked in Me, Lebanon has traded in Me, Niger has overflooded Me, South African Liberty benefitted from Me, My Borders have been left open to Exploiters for as long as I can remember, My Values have sunk into the Pit; But, My Sons and Daughters Have Built The World. And, Though I Suffer Endlessly from Headaches And Stomach Pains inflicted by Poisonous Elements within Myself, I REMAIN STANDING!!!Sadly, It has dawned on Me, that I Am Falling, Stripped And Begging for Respect…. I Need Mercy to Uphold Me, Hope to Clothe Me, Restoration to bring back My GLORY ; So I Can Still Say That I AM Strong In My Diversity And I Can Again Be Called The Giant Of Africa BECAUSE GOD IS IN THE MIDST OF ME.MY NAME IS CLARION CHUKWURAH, TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY….I AM A NIGERIAN AND I SAY I AM UNBREAKABLE BY GRACE I WILL BE RESTORED.TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY. THANK YOU, LORD! AMEN Inspiration : Holy Spirit'' Happy Birthday to her!  The post Actress Clarion Chukwurah goes topless for her birthday photoshoot appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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