A1 Bentley Displays His High Level Of Confidence In Latest Photo


He knows how to garner attention, whether it be positive or negative. On this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, producer A1 Bentley’s marriage is a storyline that has painted him as a less than favorable character. His infidelities with mistress Summer Bunni have cast him in a negative light, but on-screen or on social media, A1 doesn’t let anything faze him.

He’s certainly a person who relishes in attention and his latest looks have unquestionably given him just that. In July he debuted his blond, banged, bowl cut while later rocking Elton John-inspired threads. He’s continued to show off his new look which has made him the target of trolls, but that hasn’t stopped him from displaying his confidence in his appearance. 

In his latest photo, A1 is enjoying a meal on the outside patio of a restaurant. He wears large round sunglasses while his jacket is open and his chest is exposed. He holds a glass of wine with the sun shining directly on him. “I Look Better Than Everybody I Know 🤷🏽‍♂️,” he writes in the caption. And before you ask, yes, his nails are painted. Check out A1’s most recently flex and more photos from the producer below.


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